released Feb. 23rd 2018 on Pirates Press Records (PPR187)
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I’m broken and I’m stained
I’m shattered and I am blamed
To put you down, but keep you close
And I ain’t getting into you
And all your aspects
Of what life is all about
Put me back together
But this time turn me around
Cause you’ve wrapped me up
Standing on my head
I’m shattered I am stained
I’m broken and I’m blamed
Of marking time not moving on
That’s why I’m always late
So put me back together
I fell down a lot
Tape my heart, fix my brain
But this time
the right way up
Cause you’ve wrapped me up
Standing on my head
Everything’s affected and I’m trapped now
Seems like someone’s going down now
Tonight I’m out and you say
It doesn’t matter anyway
Everything’s affected and I’m cracked now
Tear down those walls
They are way too  close now
Tonight I’m going all the way
It doesn’t matter what you say
Tonight I’m hanging with myself
Let’s do it – let’s fall apart
There’s a path that I’ve decided to walk on now
But there’s this part of it that’s bringing me down
There’s this path that I’ve been walking for a while now
But there’s this part of it that’s making me sick
It seems so easy to ignore that it’s a dead end road
There’s no exit there in sight and I just wanna go home
And get you off my back
Try, and safe yourself
Safe yourself
There’s this look that I can see there on your face
So familiar, so out of place
There’s a tear there in the corner of your eye
Wanna trade it for a smile?
Come on, let’s try – just one last time
Just call me up and say we’re not alone
And you know – yeah you do
Yeah, you knew it all along
You say summer seems to go by so fast
And every winter seems to last
And every minute that I wait for something new
I’m getting older without you
Don’t waste another day
I thought I’ve heard you say
“I’m scared and I’m afraid”
Just don’t be scared of me
You knew it all the way
I’m dying to hear you say
So please say, “We knew it all along”
Doctor let me out on parole
Now I’m out popping Demerol
No time to waste –- see I’m a fail
And I just wanna be alright
Doctor left me here all alone
No 6 am Xanax morning call
No time to waste – see baby I’m as straight
As my jacket don’t you underlet
My rubber room
Left out of mind
Stop! Look around
Too many shambles pave my way
They say “that’s life”
But I’ve heard they’re never right
People that pass
They seem to be so far away
Contagiousness signs
Taped on their chest
6 am the night’s almost through
Are you out there too
Tryin‘ keep trying moving on
I spend my night, well every night
Breaking my head in two
With shambles, cigarettes and you
Life’s here and now don’t ever look back
Do what it takes to keep your heart on track
Disconnected from the world outside
That’s where you’ll find me too
Life can be so tough, but so are you
Look inside yourself and there it is
Never give up, follow your dreams
And if you would be here tonight
You would say the same
Life’s too short to dream away your dream
Montréal looks beautiful tonight
Take stock of your situation
Your heart won’t lie to you
Wake up – life’s beautiful
As beautiful as you
It’s been too long
Where have you been?
It’s been a while
It seemed forever
Take stock of your situation
Knock it off right there!
Wake up – Life’s beautiful
Now you ain’t going nowhere
It’s been too long
That you’ve been lost
It’s been a while
It seemed forever
It’s been a while
I haven’t seen you around
Watch out what you are doing to me
Better do it now, do it fast
Come on, this ain’t new to me
You’re not the first and won’t be the last
Yeah, yeah you want it
Yeah, yeah you’ve got it
Watch out what you’re doing tonight
Cause tonight I’m going down fast
Come on, this ain’t new to me
Build me up, tear me down, break my heart
Tired and bored with this empty face
Making points in a pointless case
And you feel like you’re waiting in line
You’re waiting and you’re doing time
Never really wanting out
It seems safe inside
You’re never on time, you are always late
Never ask why it’s better that way
And you are getting older every day
Maybe you’ve got something to say
But no one seems to listen anyway
Now you’re all alone
Now you’re on your own
I feel a little helpless
I don’t know what to do
I ain’t really moving
But somehow I’m moving away from you
The walls are getting closer
Every minute, every day
I notice you’re talking
But I don’t understand a word you say
Some time away is good for everyone, you know
replace myself cause I can’t pretend no more
Disgusted with this place
And it seems like the 1,000,000th time
That I’ve been wondering around
Trying to find a spot in life
And there is you who is shining out of
This faceless mob that we’re in
Pull me out, shake me up
And start all over again
I’ve got a one-way ticket in my pocket
And I’m ready to go
Don’t you worry ‘bout that
Cause I’ve also got one for you
There’s you who is more than tired
Me who is almost dead
The night is young, the coast is clear
And my little world’s about to collapse
So let’s go away for a while
I’m so tired of that
Let’s not waste any time
Can’t wait any longer, longer than that
Wake up and start to live your life
Our holiday season starts tonight
Baby, I’m amazed by the things that you make me do
Cause there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get close to you
There is nothing I wouldn’t say
Nowhere I wouldn’t go
Everything now makes sense
Now there is you
I love it that you say that your heart is the best defender
It’s guiding your way – never lose – never surrender
Yeah, the world outside is bad
But baby, we are not like that
So come on over and tell me
“I only love you”
I need to hear it tonight
I need to hear it tonight (tonight)
Tomorrow (again)
Forever (all time)
You’ll always be my valentine
If you could peek into the future
Would you like what you could see
Is there someone there to hold you
I wish the hell that it was me
Turn away
Don’t turn away
Every minute, every hour
We’re getting older every day
Is there a chance we‘d walk together
I guess we’re walking the same way
Turn away
Don’t turn away